We are convinced that the duty of the successful is to help the talented. As we start from the sport and the hills, we try to participate in interesting sports projects, especially from climbing and outdoors. Every year we have supported several small and one larger projects. In addition, we do not forget to target 2% of taxes to selected organizations

World Championship in hot air balloon flying

Tochigi – Motigi, Slovak teamBalone flying is a beautiful sport. If we add a country like Japan, every minute spent in the balloon becomes an unforgettable experience for the crew. If you do not believe it, you can do it through the following photos.

Hainabrakk East Tower – Karakoram – Pakistan road Mystical Demno

It’s about the beginning, the word .. and suddenly it’s someone else. Somewhere where the sun is roaming domestic (even quite sunburned) on the head, where they battled anything to catch the fight and where their hands wash x times in an hour …

Kjerak – Nórsko, road Nordospassasien

“Everywhere I have a cloud of dirty wet granite, I climb on a totally wet plateau, I like to climb the climbers even in the water, the flowing water climbs like a stone in the stream, I have a terrible feeling that my skin is getting wet.”