Dear visitors, welcome to our site.

Over the last couple of years that we´ve been in the bussiness, a lot of things have happened in our company. My plan always had two versions : a realistic one and an optimistic one. The pessimistic version got ruled out at the beginning, because I believed in my upcoming success. And I´m happy to say that the optimistic verion of my plan has been achieved.

In a very short time, we´ve accomplished to rise up to the top amongst other companies engaged in special works in heights. We worked on some of the most important projects in our trade, and I´m not afraid to say that we have become one of the best companies in our line of work. Personally, It´s really motivating for me to work on such technically difficult constructions. We proved to many of our clients that working with us is the best decision, because we always try to achieve the most effective solutions whilst keeping a high quality. Gradually, we started to expand our range of activities, until it has become quite difficult to keep a coherent catalog of our company.,

From the beginning, I´ve awlays enforced the idea for us to differ from others, especially in terms of technical solutions and complexity. It´s not enough to just climb up, pull the rope and come down, you have to come up with an idea, offer a solution and imagine your work finished and running. To unburden the client from all their concerns from the begginig to the end. This approach always paid off in the form of regular customers.

Now, the time has come for us to make up another plan. Again, I´ll leave out the pessimistic version.

I´m certain that with the basis which we used in the past, we´ll be able to keep up our good work and quality.

Martin Suchý, director of En Libre, s.r.o.