Dear visitors, welcome to our site.

Over the years, what we have in the market has really done a lot in our company. At first, my plan had only two versions – realistic and optimistic. Pessimistic I just ruled out at the beginning because I believed in success. In the past, we have concluded that the most optimistic version has been met.

In a very short time, we managed to penetrate the spike among the companies that are engaged in special works in height and construction activity. We have been working on the most important projects in our business and I am not afraid that we have become a reputable company in our area. Working for technically demanding projects is personally very motivating for me. Many times, we have demonstrated to our clients that it is a good idea to cooperate with us because we have always tried to achieve the most effective solution in keeping with high quality. We have gradually expanded our range of activities until it is really difficult today to produce a clear and comprehensible catalog of our company.

From the outset, I have advocated that we are different from our competitors in terms of technical solutions and complexity.

It is not enough just to come up, pull the rope down and run down, but try to put the idea, offer a solution, think about how our work will work in the system, buildings. Determine customer from all worries from project to download. This approach always brings fruit in the form of returning clients.

Now is the time to set another plan. Again, I exclude the pessimistic version.

I am sure we will be able to build on the bases we have laid down so far in the future.

Martin Suchý, director of En Libre, s.r.o.