On the other hand, the simple removal of the object carries many risks and technical difficulties. Even in demolitions, development is moving forward and capturing these trends, we can offer optimal technological progress. Our activities in this activity culminated in the construction of “demolition – rehabilitation – gas station in Ostrava”, where we gradually burned more than 1200 tons of steel structures using climbing equipment . It was an object 90 meters high and 80 meters in diameter. The second significant dismantling was the dismantling of the hall of the drying plant and warehouse of the Dunajska Streda sugar refinery. These halls should be dismantled so that they can be reassembled and used again. Again, we have restricted the platforms, cranes and, to the greatest extent, we have used the climbing technique, which has led to a substantial reduction in the cost of renting machines and scaffolding.

demolition of concrete and reinforced concrete structuresdemolition and firing – cleaning of steel structuresdemolition of brick concrete and iron chimneysdemolition of wooden structuresdismantling devices, halls, or parts of objectsremoval of degraded concrete by blastingdemolition of roofs, tiling, arborism (treatment, trimming of trees)

realized projects and gallery

● Chewing chimney 65 m Pravenec

● Demolition of the brick chimney in Komárno

● Tower 115 – demolition of reinforced concrete columns

● dismantling of the gable walls of a residential building on Obchodná ulica in Bratislava

● Premac Zvolen – degradation of the power insulation

● Strečno – Dubná skala – demolition of the rock pillar

● demolition of the chimney Bratislava – Staré mesto, Obchodná ulica

● Likos, Trnava – demolition of 3 chimneys

● Roof reconstruction, Kopřivnice, Czech Republic