En Libre, after many and many experiences on high-rise buildings, has begun to think about how to make this work as simple as possible, simplify and minimize risk as much as possible. We have developed and offer their own service access system En Libre, which provide access to the facade, will contribute to the safety, may even serve during the construction of the building as a conveyor, which in turn will reduce construction costs and shorten the time. Such a system is now becoming a matter of course. We offer it from the design, through the processing of the technical and production documentation of the construction, the production and assembly, to the manual and the technological cleaning process. Thus, the customer does not solve anything, we transmit drawings, arrange a meeting with the architect and the end takes the finished work with all the necessary dokumentáciou.Naše designs and systems are applied to structures such as River Park on the waterfront L. Svobodu in Bratislava, at Tower 115 Pribinova ul. in Bratislava, the new building of the SPP office building, the Europa Business Center in Banská Bystrica, the Westend Tower at Patronka, the building of Unikredit Bank on Šancová ul. Even procedures have been improved for cleaning itself, for low or broken buildings it is possible to use deionized water technology, extruded by a telescopic brush up to 20 meters. Developments already work on how to capture wastewater, and so it will be possible to save windows on the inside even when this technology is cost-saving. Since 2008, En Libre has supplied its own façade access system (sometimes called the cleaning system). We deliver the system from design to assembly.

Included in delivery:

designing a façade access system design according to the needs of the future building and its userproduction of technical and production documentationmanufacture of track and road constructionassembly building – drilling, anchoring, groutingmounting of the runway and the drive the technological procedure for the use of the device |  technological – safety procedure for the progress of construction work


price compared to other facade access systems, such as facade walkwayssimplicity of use, possibility of horizontal movement along the façadeincreased work safetylower requirements for building readiness for access to the facade

realized projects and gallery

● Horizontal Hardening Systems (HIS) of River Park, River House Blocks C and F

● System of anchor points of Panorama city II.

● HB Reavis – advice on the design of a service system for buildings CBC III., CBC IV., Bratislava

● 5 homes of River Park