Today, the concept of coatings of steel structures does not apply. Application of paints in today’s sense means especially the protection of material properties. The development of paint systems is constantly advancing. If we capture it, we can offer more cost-effective procedures. We cooperate with several manufacturers and suppliers of paints. For each action we try to choose the most appropriate system.

cleaning of steel structures manually – mechanically, spraying and sandingcoatings and sprays of steel structuresfire protection coatings and tilesprotection of concrete reinforcementdaily airline safety coatingswe use a zinc coating on the steel structure we supplyfacade cleaning by blasting, or mechanicallyfacade coatingsthermal insulation of facadesrepairs of facades, repairing, insulation, grouting, spraying, etc.plasterads paintingprotective coatings for concretecoatings of daily air markings


● Paint the Porsche Interauto Slovakia column column

● VUB bank facade paintings during the rebranding of the logo – 40 branches

● Testing Institute of painting and painting of the facade

● Alianz – font-painting ads

● Painting of high-quality poles throughout the territory of Slovakia and the Czech Republic

● Palace Flóra, Prague – coatings of steel structures

● Likeside Park in Bratislava fire-resistant coatings of steel structures

● Istrochem – coatings of steel structures and gas pipelines

● Peugeot Trnava – Coatings of steel structures of the paint shop

● Holcim, Rohožník – steel coating. structures

● Slovnaft – anti-corrosion protection of steel parts of the compressor

● Slovnaft – coating of cable bridges

● SPP – new office building galvanized steel construction of access system on the En Libre facade

● coating of steel structures NTC Bratislava

● River Park – galvanized steel construction of the En Libre façade access system