Safety at work and creating a safe work environment have become a priority and the prevention of fall from heights or into depth is essential today. 

Times when climbers were tied to chimneys, antennae and lightning conductors or when roofers were working on roofs unsecured and daredevils were clearing off snow from rooftops are definitely over.

At En Libre we design, project, deliver, construct, mount, service and review protection systems against falling for all types of building, objects and building sites. 

En Libre has the unbeatable advantage of having unique references and experience.

We know hundreds of objects because we have worked on them or we took part in their construction; we carry out their service and maintenance. We have washed and painted their facades, repaired their roofs, changed their windows, mounted advertisement on them, air-conditioning or Christmas decoration; we have carried out insulation resistance tests, cleared off snow and ice dams, and so on.

We have climbed over hundreds of objects time and again. As a logical step, we started to take part in antifall measures. At first clients started to turn to us for guidance, later consultation and eventually they requested proposals and realisation of control measures of fall protection on existing sites or sites that we have begun to construct.

anchorage points and structureshorizontal and vertical lifeline systemsrailslife lines suspended platforms, gondolas and trolleysanchored and portable jibs passive protective systems – railguards, safety fall protection nets and structures  |  makeshift and portable protection systems collective protection


● The building of UniCredit Bank in Šancová street in Bratislava

● The new administrative building of SPP in Bratislava

● Zuckermandel in Bratislava

● Tower 115 in Bratislava

● Centrál shopping centre In Bratislava

● CBC III, CBC IV in Bratislava

● Reding Tower In Bratislava

● The building of the headquarters of Financial Administration of the Slovak Republic

● The building of the Ministry of transport in Bratislava

● Hotel Kempinski In Bratislava

● Hotel Kempinski in Štrbske pleso

● Bratislava River Park

● River HOUSE in Bratislava

● Westend Tower

● AB Einsteinova Westend Square

● Panorama City I Tower A and B in Bratislava

● PanoramaCity II in Bratislava

● Panoramacity III. In bratislava

● M. R. Štefánik Airport in Bratislava

● Polyfunktion buildings Klingerka in Bratislava

● Judicial Palace in Bratislava

● Poprad Railway station

● Europa shopping centre in Banská Bystrica

● Orava castle

● Slovakia Steel Mills , Strážske

● gasometer Mittal Steel Ostrava

● Transmitters, chimneys, HV masts, , bridges, underpasses, production and storage halls. Other objects of industry and production

● Family houses