Our company is able to perform remedial measures from the preparation of the project to the overall implementation of the measures. As the only company we cooperate with all major suppliers of remediation systems, GEOBRUGG, ISOFER AG and MACCAFERRI, which allows us to choose the most suitable solution.

development of project documentation and solutions for the rehabilitation of rock slopes | cleaning and demolition of slopes from rock debris and loose rock blocksnetworking and anchoring slopestrees and vegetation removainstallation of dynamic and anti-flare barriers, fences and other protective elements on slopesframing and cleaning rock rocksdemolition and destruction of rock partsdrilling, grouting and anchoring slopesinstallation of protective networksspanking and spankingmeasures for consolidation of slopes, anchoring, prestressing, etc.suspended walls, door framesassembling biodegradable mats and raking the slopesrope tracks in the fieldloading and disposal of wastefieldworkbuildings of gabion support walls


● Catching nets on the rock slopes of Hluboká street in Bratislava

● Stabilization of the rock slope excavation on the Údolná Street in Bratislava

● ŽSR – degradation and stabilization of the rock block on the third Red Skala – Margecany

● Devin castle castle – cleaning of the rock

● ŽSR – Measures against rock cuttings on the line Nové Mesto nad Váhom – Vrbovce